Photographs by Robert Hamilton Scott (1889-1944)
1907 - 1910 Based in Dunedin, with holiday excursions to Otago Peninsula and to Queenstown and beyond

Easter 1907 : Purakanui and Miniwaka
On the Silverstream

Portobello : The Harbour; Easter 1908 (large group of young people in front of cabin); Portobello 1908 (dining outdoors); Warrington Xmas 1908 (camping)

The Silverstream at Whare Flat
The whole Scott family 1908 Hedley, Bob (photographer), Syd (in front), Grace, Sarah (seated), Lindsay, Greta, Murray
The Silverstream Water Supply
The Intake
The Race

After a day's sport, Whare Flat (13 rabbits, 2 ducks, 5 sportsmen with 3 guns); Feeding Time (Bull and Haystack); Shag River; A cloudscape Kowhai Trees
Morning light Otago Harbour
Dr Stuart's Statue, Dunedin
Silverstream; Moonlight; At Lawyer's Head

Waiting (horse study)
At the Gardens (large old trees in semi-wild area)
Sunset at Lawyer's head

The Silverstream; Waitati Creek

The Express "Held Up" (two trains meeting head to head,
crowd of passengers standing around
Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu (from the hill)
In the Domain (Queenstown)
Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu Panorama

Lake Wakatipu Panorama

On Lake Wakatipu : The old "Antrim"; Arrival of the "Mountaineer" Double Cone Remarkables; The pond in the Park

At Macetown : Visitors at THE Store; Chinaman's Hut; Bachelors (probably two chinese men outside their huts) Queenstown from the Park
In the Park
Kawerau Falls, Frankton Arm
Shotover River
Mounts Alfred and Earnslaw
Glenorchy Wharf

Paradise Flat
The head of Lake Wakatipu

The Road through the Paradise Forest

Diamond Lake from the road
The Garden of Eden
In the Garden of Eden
Paradise Road
Diamond Lake
Upper Dart Valley
Dart Valley from Paradise
Routeburn : Mountain Lily (Ranunculus)
Crossing the River (Routeburn Bridge)

Routeburn Valley : The Hut
A cascade
The Upper Valley

Routeburn Valley from Lake Harris track
Lake Harris Creek Falls

Dunedin's Tallest Building
(NZ Express Company, Bond Street, built 1910)
Off for a ride
(Hedley and Syd Scott on their homebuilt trolley)
Two Panoramic views of Dunedin from the top of the New Zealand Express Company's Building
(a) Looking West; (b) Looking North down High Street
Photos around Dunedin, taken circa 1910, not later than 1913
Grace Mary Scott (sister, later Stevenson, Otago representative tennis player)
"Waikana" under construction
Maori Hill Campers (? Presbyterian Bible Class)
Whare Flat, Dunedin (a) Craiglowan Fall (b) On the Silverstream

Cargill's Caves (Dunedin Coast)
Port Chalmers - Yacht under sail
View of town from the hill

Regatta Day - Port Chalmers, Yacht racing - Ravensbourne, Otago Harbour from Upper Junction, Henley
Rose Studies

"Neverfrets" Camp Evansdale
The Old, And the New
Animal Studies
After the Hunt, Pickle, Pickle and Zoie
Blueskin Bay
Early Morning, A Fishing Party
Neverfrets, Evansdale : Poker, Cooking

The Taeri River
In the Gorge, The Home of Pigeons
Taeri River
The Hyde Bridge, Deep Stream
On the Otago Central Railway
| Deep Stream Railway Viaduct, The Tunnel Mouth
Otago Central Line - Flat Stream Viaduct
Forth Street - Crossing the Leith
Gore, Clinton, Kingston,
S.S. Earnslaw under construction
Queenstown Park - 3 shots
Kinloch, Head of the Lake
Greenstone Lake, Richardson Mountains
In the Dart Valley

In the Routeburn

The Hut
Routeburn, Ranunculus

Routeburn climbing

Evansdale - The Old Home
"Miss" George
Ye Old Style (Sytheing and stooking the harvest)
"Schools In" (Nancy, Greta, Billie, and Una Stevenson)
The Old Farm
Shady Pastures
City Path
Cliff Tunnel

Evansdale Panorama
Blueskin Beach

Greta (Margaret Beith SCOTT - sister - born 1894)
Old "Ma"
Maori Hill Presbyterian Bible Class picnic at Waitati October 1910, Maori Hill Presbyterian Church
Purakanui Beach
The North Express
City of Dunedin
City Centre, North End, N.E. Valley
Dunedin Railway Station Clocktower
Sand dunes
Evansdale Sunset
Yachts on harbour
Nicholls Creek
Ross Reservoir, Silverstream
Netting Blueskin Bay

Sports (Shooting rabbits?)
Whare Flat
Manapouri - The Wharf
Lake Manapouri and the Monument
Cathedral Peaks
Lake Manapouri

Lake Manapouri
Botany Study
Kidney Fern
Matterhorn Mountains
Leaning Peak
Head of Manapouri Built to last (stone cottage)
Shag River


Pages 1-8 Taken in Britain while on leave from War Service in France
Pages 9-16 Taken while on furlough to New Zealand in 1917, using serviceman's NZ Railway pass
Pages 17-24 Taken around Central Otago 1913-1914 while employed by Watson Shennan as a shepherd on Puketoi Station
Pages 25-60 Taken 1919 -1925 when farming a returned serviceman's block at Castlerock, Lumsden, with visits to family in Dunedin, and hunting and fishing trips to Fiordland with Bill Roxburgh, manager of the Castlerock Estate, and Bill's brother-in-law Lindsay Gilkison.
In the Old Country : The River, Richmond; Albert Memorial; Hornchurch; Harrogate; Wensleydales (sheep) Scotland : Edinburgh; Banks of the Clyde; Bothwell Castle; Kerera, Oban; Loch Earn

Torquay : Anstey's Cove; Devon Coastline; A Devon Road; Babbacombe Rocks; St Mary Church; Imported Plants; Tor Bay Beautiful Devon : Cockington Church; Kingkerswell Church; Kingkerswell; An Old Fashioned Street (thatched roofs); Rustic Architecture
Brixham - a Devon fishing village
Devonshire Lanes

On Board S.S. Remuera : Duty Furlough Troops; Passengers (dog and 5 puppies); Stormy Weather; Submarine Defence (Torpedo); Tasmanian Coast Freetown Niggers
Troops at Capetown
Capetown : Cape Flowers
Town Hall; Castle Gates
Camps Bay
Christchurch, NZ : Moorhouse Avenue; Clock Tower; From the Cathedral
Cathedral Square
Christchurch : Museum Porch
The Avon
The Avon, Winter
In Canterbury : Mt Torlesse; Waimakariri River; Icicles Winter 1923; Oxford Hill; Darfield Church; Toilers (draught horses); A storm brewing; Sports (hunting) Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Mt Ruapehu - Main Trunk
Wellington Wharves
Auckland from Mount Eden
Auckland Harbour

Auckland : Queen St; At Takapuna; Grafton Bridge; Ham Scott & Co L-R (assumed) Connie Scott (Ham's wife, she died December 1917), Eva Scott (cousin), Michael Hamilton Scott (uncle), Una Scott (cousin)

Rotorua :
Baths, Domain
Hot Springs, Whakarewarewa
Maori Meeting House

Maori Boys

Pomahaka by moonlight; Pomahaka River
Molyneux River - Tuapeka Mouth
Clydevale : H Snushall's farm
The Hut; Romney Rams
Horse Studies :
The Pet; Workers; Youngsters
Otago Central : Winter's Mantle
John Blakeley; The Eweburn
Otago Central : Puketoi Station
Puketoi House
Otago Central : The Gate, Puketoi; The Old House (Cob); Jack Quinn - A Pioneer Otago Central : Puketoi Stud Sheep
Waiting for a feed
A Champion Dog
Gladbrook Plantations
From North Range
Amongst "The Rocks"
Oreti Bridge; West Dome
HMS New Zealand;
Catlins; Fay
Mrs W Stevenson & Co (L-R Billie, Greta, Grace Mary Stevenson nee Scott, sister, Nancy); Nancy; Una; We are Four (Greta 1911, Billy 1914, Nancy 1917, Una 1919) Mother's Garden (Sarah Clementine Scott); The Cook (Sarah); Murray Morison (b. 1914, son of Sarah's half sister Maggie)
Lumsden; "Oor House" at Castlerock - shared by bachelor brothers Bob and Lindsay Scott; Queenstown Picnic Lake Wakatipu
Rere Lake
Greenstone Track
The Shotover
Skippers Bridge

The Milford Track : Lake Te Anau; Glade House; Clinton River
The Pass from Pompolona
Clinton Canyon; Arthur Valley from the Pass; McKinnon's Cairn & Jervois Glacier Sutherland Falls; Arthur River; Roaring Creek; Bowen Fall Milford Sound : Stirling Fall;
The Lion; Mt Pembroke
Lake Ada; From the track;
Harrison Cove, Milford Sound
Clifden Bridge
Lake Hauroto
Lake Hauroto : Princess Mtns;
White Peak, Hauroto
A 13 Pointer by Mary Island;
Mountain Tops west of End Peak
Lake Mavora; Outlet, Big Lake;
Good Sport (fish); The Road In
The Flatty; S. Mavora Lake;
Where the fish lie; North Mavora Lake
Manapouri Oct. 1924 : Safety Beach, Stony Point; The Monument; Cathedral Peaks; Nick-O'-Time Beach Lake Manapouri: "Skipper" Roxburgh
Aweburn Valley; North Arm
Manapouri 1925 : From Murrell's
From Cone Peak; South Arm
Deer Stalking : Base Camp; Fly Camp Grere River; A 10 Pointer; Hell's Avenue; Borland Headwaters Flat Mountain Manapouri
Cromel Stream, Five Rivers
Walter Peak, Wakitipu; Capt Scott Memorial, Queenstown; Bowling Green, Queenstown Five Rivers Bush; Te Anau Downs Harbour
Mr Roxburgh on Roger
The Eglinton Valley, Te Anau
V Flat from camp; Nob's Flat; Eglinton River
Manapouri : Murrell's
Hope Arm
Sun Flecked Waters, Lake Manapouri
Channel Islands, Manapouri
At the Head of Lake Manapouri
From the Hut; Morning Mist
West Arm Lake Manapouri : Una Burn
Spey River

Cathedral Peaks
Spey River
The Hut, Head of Manapouri
Spey River; Seaforth Valley; Spey
Crossing Mica Burn
Spey Valley
Castlerock Homestead; The Garden Beautiful, Castlerock (occupied by Miss Besie Barnhill Adamson supported by house and garden staff)
Five Rivers Plain
From the Bungalow window; Mother's Garden (Dunedin, restored after becoming seriously overgrown) Kawarau Dam being constructed (circa 1925)
Mataura River
Bob, Joan and Joan's brother Don Mullan on the farm at Castlerock, circa 1931
Photos taken by Bob Scott 1926-1927    
Alexandra Bridge; Lindis Bridge Clutha River at Cromwell, Lindis Pass Road
Lunch Time, Morven Hills
Looking for Deer on Dunstan Creek
Lake Hawea; Mr Capell's Launch, Hawea
Lake Hawea : Timaru Country; Kidd's Creek Lake Hawea from The Neck
Lagoon,The Neck, Hawea
At Lake Hawea
| Splendid Deer Country
A 10 point stag
Hawea River
Camp at The Neck, Hawea, 1926 -
4 deer trophy heads - Army surplus clothing
Lake Wanaka; View from Summit, Crown Range Road Lake Hawea; The Rapids, Mararoa River Salmon Fishing, Lake Te Anau; 17 Jan 1927 Salmon
Fishers display their catch - in caps, ties and waistcoats
The Outlet, Lake Te Anau; Waiau River
Lake Te Anau
The Harbour, Te Anau Downs
Upokoroa River, Te Anau

Salmon Fishing, Eglinton River
Salmon catch 21 inches
The Eglinton Valley

Eglinton River in Flood Eglinton River
Mount Hamilton from Waterloo
Waterloo Valley - on Horseback Lincoln Agricultural College
Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch
Cattle Muster, Te Anau Downs
On Lake Mavora
The Head of North Mavora Lake
South Mavora Lake
Monowai River
Waiau River Bridge, Monowai Road; Afternoon Tea, Wairaki, Monowai Road
Te Anau from the wharf
Entrance to South Fiord, Te Anau
Eglinton River

Eglinton River
Te Anau Downs
Manapouri : Mr Murrell's Launch at Head of Lake, Xmas 1927; Cathedral Peaks; Sun Flecked
Manapouri : The Lake at Even
At the Wharf

Manapouri : Deer Stalking Camp, South Arm April 1928
South Arm

John Greig Scott (nephew) April 1928
Top Dressing result
Fay's foal
Monowai & Green Lakes
Lake Monowai from Billow Mts

Electric River Valley; Kaherekoau Mts
Billow Mts.
A Mountain Top Vamp
Lake Monowai
Monowai & Mist; Monowai Bush
Lake Hauroko from Billow Mts.
Embarking for a trip on Te Anau
Centre Island Te Anau
Evening, Te Anau Downs; Mid Burn, Te Anau; Entrance, North Arm, Te Anau Head of North Arm; North Arm, Lake Te Anau North Arm, Lake Te Anau : Turret Pea
Dome Peak
The Narrows
Twin Falls Creek
North Arm, Te Anau

Photos taken by Robert Hamilton Scott, early 1930s, not in chronological order      
North Fiord TeAnau : Glaisnock River; Twin Falls Valley circa 1930 Looking for Wapiti, Glaisnock Valley, Te Anau circa 1930 Lake Roxburgh, Te Anau circa 1930 Picnic Manapouri 9th Feb 1930; Cars and passengers on road to Manapouri; launch on lake
Easter 1931 at Lake Manapouri Trip to Lake Mavora : Between the Lakes; Mararoa River Trout; Gibralter Rock, Mavora Road ? Probably Bill Roxburgh with Mavora fish; Outlet North Mavora Lake; Rapids Mararoa River Looking for deer, Red Mountains
Frost at Castlerock, near Lumsden, 31st July 1930 Plough birds - spectacular flocks of gulls followed the
plough in the 1930s - placed on threateded species list
in 2014. A hard winter 1930 - ground hard frozen as
sheep wait hopefully for their daily ration of oats and hay
Murray's family visits Castlerock Xmas 1929
John Murrray Scott, his wife "Ruie" (nee Ruby Alice
Greg), sons John Greig Scott 1927, Maxwell Greig
Scott 1929
Irthing River; Stud Southdown ram bred by H J Andrew - perhaps the first of Bob Scott's purchases from this well known breeder
Working collie dogs - Star and Donnie

Otira Gorge, Coast Road, 1932. Bob drove from
Castlerock to Dunedin (to see his mother), then across
the divide via Arthur's Pass and on to Westport for his wedding.
Otira Gorge
Nikau Palms West Coast
West Coast
Punakaiki 1932
Buller Gorge
Pelorus River
Pelorus Sound

The Church, Stoke
Nelson Gardens
Wellington from Tinakori
The Coast, Kaikoura

The Pines, Westport 22 January 1932 - residence of Rebecca Sinclair and Madge Mullan, grandmother and mother of the bride (a) L-R vicar, 2 bridesmaids,
Rebecca Lee Sinclair (grandmother), Robert Hamilton Scott, Joan Sinclair Mullan, John Robinson Mullan
(uncle), Madeline Sinclair Mullan (mother), ?Kenneth Sinclair (uncle), Elizabeth Anne Mullan (grandmother).
(b) Madge Mullan, visiting child, Joan Mullan, Rebecca Sinclair (c) You and I - Bob Scott and Joan Mullan
The Blushing Bride : Joan Sinclair Scott
Lake Fergus

Lake Gunn : views from the head and from the foot
From Dore Pass : views of Lake Te Anau and of Clinton River from top of pass

Lake Fergus
Waiau River
Karitane Beach

Hedley and Mother (Hedley Vicars Scott (died 1931) and Sarah Clementine Scott) taken at Sarah's home in Dunedin
Joan Scott
Karitane : Sea Beach
Waikouiti River

Joan's Garden at Castlerock - a substantial shelter hedge was soon grown inside that rock wall.
Buckland's crossing Jan 1933 (? With Stevenson family) A Southland pasture
Oreti River
(a) Lake Mavora (b) Mararoa River (c) Don at Blenheim (Donald Sinclair Mullan, on left) employed by Ford to visit dealerships throughout the South Island From Southland Aero Club's "Puss Moth" 1 April 1933 Te Anau : Looking towards West Coast; Head of Middle Fiord; Snag Burn Valley Murchison Mountains from the air; "Puss Moth" on
landing strip
View of Middle Fiord, Te Anau
Te Anau : Tunnel Creek Valley; Ettrick Burn valley
Te Anau : Middle Fiord; From Camp Beach; Hook Peaks Eglinton Valley Road; Morraine Creek, Eglinton; Otira Gorge Road Lake Gunn; At The Rocks (Castlerock) 5/3/1933 Sydney Thomson Scott, holding eldest son Donald born 1931,
Joan Scott, Lorna Scott (Syd's wife)
West Coast beaches
Arthur's Pass; West Coast Roads
Road to Denniston 1932 ; North Road (north from Westport?); Karitane flounders Mt Eglinton; The Barrier; Lake Te Anau My Garden (Joan Scott); Pioneer Memorial "The Jollies"
taken at the installation and blessing ceremony
Wwinter scenes at Castlerock
1934: Baby Mary (Mary Sinclair Scott) with her mother, and with her father.
Gt Grandma (Rebecca Lee Sinclair, know as Gim) in her garden; Ian Hedley Scott (born 1934, Bob's nephew); Elizabeth Roxburgh (Bob's friend's daughter); John Murray Scott and his bride Ruie Castlerock Sale 1935 (the old station was being split up)
Scenes Mimihau

Lake Te Anau
Hollyford from the Divide

Scenes in Hollyford Valley
Waterfalls : Falls Creek; Holyford River; Homer Saddle Mt Christina from Ice Cave View from Gertrude Saddle; Mt Crosscut; Black Lake Eglinton Valley; Lake Gunn
Lake Gunn; Lake Manapouri; Wilmot Pass Waterfalls 2 : Cleavegarth Falls; Helena Falls; Doubtful Sound Doubtful Sound
Halls (sic) Arm
West Arm, Manapouri; Wilmot Pass Hutt L-R Grace Stevenson (sister), Una Stevenson (niece); Bob Scott (photographer), Bill Stevenson (brother-in-law), ? Les Murrell (boatman)
Southdown Stud Rams Landscape : Castlerock farm of Robert Hamilton Scott Old Soldiers  
Family Photos, mainly from late 1930s      
Grandpa with Mother (Robert Francis Mullan with Joan b.1905); Cousin Donald (Donald Scott b.1931) Uncle Syd, Ian, Donald (Sydney Thomson Scott and sons b.1934 & 1931); Cousin Ian (Ian Hedley Scott) Joan Scott with Mary age 6 months

4 Generations at "The Pines", Westport :
L-R Madge Mullan (nee Sinclair) b.1878, with Mary Scott b.1934, Joan Scott (nee Mullan) b.1905, Rebecca Sinclair (nee Hodgson) b. 1851.
Mary Scott age 9 months Mary Scott age 21 months Mary Scott age 3 1/2 Mary Scott age 3 1/2
Joan with Mary adjusting to wearing glasses, age 2 1/4 Mary Scott age 2 1/2 Unknown; Mary Michael Scott b.1938, aged 2 months
Cousins Donald, Ian and Keith Scott; Michael's first steps (1939) overseen by sister Mary Michael playing on wheelbarrow, 1 year 9 months

Michael with sewing machine; The house at Browns, after a major renovation 1940 A new giant colouring book from the Centennial Exhibition
Cousin Keith; Michael 7 months (looking like his son Hamish)

Mary and Michael with their Karitane Nurse, and Gimmie January 1940 - Mum and Dad away in Wellington at the Centennial Exhibition Gimmie (Gt Grandma), Joan, Mary and Michael September 1939

Bob Scott captured by a street photographer in Invercargill, off on a day's business; Who could forget Michael's fascination with long hair? (Dec 1939)
Joan, Mary and Michael

Gimmie reads a family letter to Mary; Joan admires her baby boy

Christmas 1938, open presents before baby wakes for bath and feed at 10. No time to dress gt grandma and do her hair; feeding a pet lamb Invercargill Gardens, Mary, Joan, Michael and Bob

Joan, Mary and Michael on the track up Ben Lomond

Baby Michael, Joan and Mary

Mary with brother Michael Scott age 7 months Jan 1939; Cousins Donald and Ian Scott circa 1936; Bob Scott, junior golf champion Otatara, Invercargill, 1938 The Pines, Westport - home of George and Rebecca Sinclair

Michael and Mary at Queenstown with Noeline Wilson from Winton Fo Fo Band - the Stevenson cousins and friend in Dunedin Uncle Syd Scott at the Invercargill gardens with Mary, Michael and Joan Mary at Queenstown (remembers the tree being pruned to suit this photo)
Album G      
Winter 1939 at Castlerock

Masterton Ram Fair 1940
Our home Castlerock 1939
Hutt at Doubtful Sound (taken by Una Stevenson)
Cloud study
Marine Parade, Napier (visiting Syd Scott 1940)

Wellington 1940 : Lambton Quay
Centennial Exhibition Tower (burned down 1946)
National War Memorial, Carillon Tower
Mary at the Beach, Riverton Rocks
Michael explores career options 1940-41

Renovating a new home at Browns - before and after (1940)

The Wheelbarrow Driver (Bob's favourite image)

Children at play; a souvenir from the Centennial Exhibition

Landscape studies
Michael at Browns

?? Roxburgh family
Michael and Mary

Michael, Joan and Mary on Ben Lomond track;
Bob and Mary enjoy the view from near the summit (early 1943?)
Piano Practice
Queenstown Park

Selected images

Avenue at Arrowtown
(Bob and Mary spent a day walking from Queenstown, 1943)